Best Infrared Heater Reviews

People used to use the radiator, wood burner, or heat pump for getting warm and cozy on a cold day. But time has changed. Science has blessed us with the infrared heater. Due to its portability, you can carry it anywhere. And not like other heaters, infrared heater actually heat the places we need. What gets coldest in winter? Of course our feet. Infrared heater distributes heat evenly every body part you have.

Top 10 Best infrared heater

In the market, you can find lots of different brand for an infrared heater. Some are good, some are bad. If you are buying an infrared heater for the first time, it must be frustrating for you. Depending on the environment there are a lot of thing to consider before buying. So today I will give you review on the 10 best-infrared heaters on the market. It will surely help you to decide which one to buy.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable

Dr Heater’s makers has claimed that it can produce 60% more heat than its 1500 watts rivals. This heater can heat up to the size of a half tennis court (1000 Sqft). Provided with humidifier, which will make the air more breath friendly in the winter. It has an auto energy saving mode that means it will fix its temperature by itself. This heater never overheats. It weighs 24 lbs. and while operating this machine is super quiet. It can heat up your room 50 degrees to 86 degrees °F. It uses high-pressure low noise blower to distribute heat. This heater comes with a remote. So whenever you feel cold you don’t have to leave my comfortable bed to start my heater.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

Mr. Heater has ceramic burner tile with shock absorbing feature. You can fold down its handle to fit in small spaces.It is safe around kids and pets due to its auto shut off features. If you accidentlly tip it over, it will auto shut off. Also If you feel uncomfortable to breath, its low oxygen safety will activate and will shut the heater. Consuming of LP is too low. If you use one small canister of LP, it will work all night.It will cover 225 sqft. You can easily heat a large tent, a small room or a RV weighs only 9.5 pound.1-lb. disposable propane tankwill be provided with the whole set. If you want you can buy 20lb propane tank and install it buy yourself.

Duraflame DFI-550-22

Duraflame DFI-550-22 helps to heat up to 1000 sqft. Not too expensive for a 1000 sqft covering infrared heater, which also comes with a remote control. You can also use it for TV stands. This tracks the overheating of the plug to prevent product damage and electrical fire. It can produce heat without drying out the room’s air and oxygen, so you will feel comfortable by breathing the natural humidity and the moist of the air. The flame effect can operate without heat. So it will give you ambiance for free. It is safe for kids and pets. You will get a manual with it. It is better to keep it off for a few hours every day.

Lifesmart Lifezone 24-inch

The heater is 24” slim, modern and with a cool black touch exterior. You can set it low (750watt) or high (1500watt) depending on your mood. This product also comes with ECO mode. It will maintain a comfortable 68 degrees F all day long. It has a remote and also a timer. It weighs only 9.85 pounds. You can also turn this heater to a fan. You don’t have to buy any more filter. Because this already has a lifetime washable filter. Always remember not to use extension cords with this heater. 

AZ Patio Heaters

Commonly known as umbrella heater. It weighs only 10.8 pounds.This heater is for your patio or for outdoor restaurants.You can hang it on the umbrella of your patio. It heats up to 20 sqft. This product is waterproof. So if you forget to bring your heater back inside, that is ok. This thing made of stainless steel. It uses 1500 watts and can provide with instant heat. You can control the heat by controlling the panels. This heater has 3 heating panel, which has 3 individual control.

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

The Lifesmart Infrared Fireplace is visually attractive, classy. Build with a Quakers town dark oak. It heats 1000 sqft to 5100 BTU and you don’t have to use it for too long. You can set the thermostat any temperature you want, once it hit that number it will auto turn off. You can make the room comfortable within 2 hours then leave the digital flame on and enjoy the ambiance year around. It has a remote. You can install it anywhere. It will be like your personal classy fireplace.

Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace

This fireplace can heat large rooms (1000 sqft with 5200 BTU). The different thing about this heater is the effects. Usually, other models have a flat screen to display fire. But this one has the 3D flame effect. It offers 270 degrees of screening. The glass and side viewing windows make it even more realistic. In this price range, this is the best you will get. It has a metal body with overheating protection. They will provide you with a remote control. This heater will maintain natural humidity. You will get a thermostat, ranging between 68 °F – 82 °F.

Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove

It comes with two version. One is 19.7 x 16.2 x 11.6 inches which can heat up to 400 sqft with 4600 BTU. Another one is 21 x 10.75 x 23 Inches which can heat up to 1000 sqft with 5200 BTU. The heater will auto shut off before overheating. The display includes burning log and ember bed. It is safe for kids and pets. It weighs 15.85 pounds. This is heater is also cost-effective. You have to run it for only 15 minutes to get the toasty vibe. After that set the temperature low and enjoy the ambiance.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna

If you want to buy a sauna just for yourself you can go for it. This sauna may be smaller than the other and bigger version of this sauna. But let me assure you the benefits are the same. It has 6 carbon fiber far infrared heaters, which is ETL approved. Build with double layered Canadian hemlock T&G timber. no chemical and no plywood. These woods contain the heat and vapor inside. It has built-in aux control with a couple of speakers’ and a digital controller to control the temperature. You can assemble and break it down to move easily.

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

By using sauna we are eliminating many possibilities of getting sick. This two-person sauna has 7 carbon fiber infrared heaters to give you a nice sweat. These are ETL approved, that means they are great. They use double layer Canadian hemlock T&G timber, which doesn’t have any chemical or plywood. And doesn’t let the heat go away. It has built-in AUX control and a couple of premium speaker. Inside they have a digital controller to control the temperature. You will get a five-year warranty with this sauna. This sauna has “tools free design”. You can assemble it easily and break it down to move easily.


Infrared heater is now a common house hold name. if you buy any of the infrared heater stated above you are not only getting a heater, you are getting ambience also. This products warm you up by using light and without polluting the environment. Portable infrared heater comfortable and affordable both at same time. Instead of paying every month for gas radiator or heater, just buy one portable infrared heater

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